Why engage a Toastmaster?

It may be that up to now, you have not considered engaging the services of a professional Toastmaster. Maybe you’ve felt that the presence of an officially dressed Master of Ceremonies’ is too formal or even pompous.

Have no such concerns; although Toastmastering is steeped in formality and tradition, the modern day professional Toastmaster will have the competence and skills to handle any occasion and have the ability to adapt to each situation, providing the level of formality or informality you wish.

Whether your requirements are for a ceremonial, commercial or charity fund raising event, a professional Toast Master / Masters of Ceremonies will raise your profile, your effectiveness and your fund raising totals. And most certainly raise the event's perceived prestige and Sense of Occasion.  

 The advantages of using the services of a professional toastmaster include:

  • Freeing the organisers from anxiety so they can fully enjoy the event
  • Allowing the management of the venue to concentrate on their own tasks
  • Confidence that responsibility for detailed co-ordination can be reliably delegated
  • Independent advice and on-going consultancy available on the different facets of the event
  • An assured, reliable, friendly and professional manner
  • Your event conducted with authority and stature, without an overbearing attitude
  • That extra 'touch of panache' and style to complement the Sense of Occasion

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