Charity & Fundraising

 Charity and Fund Raising Events account for more and more of the modern toastmaster's work. The toastmaster's charisma, charm and  expertise as compere, auctioneer, and facilitator of fund-raising games will generally result in increased revenue for the charity far in excess of the fee.

People’s and Organisations energy and ingenuity in generating money for Charity is often quite astonishing; Commercial sponsoring (advertising), Sponsored activity, Donations, Auctions, Raffles and draws being universal.

Auctions, Heads & Tails, Stand up sit down Bingo, Raffles and Draws are the most popular activity that I’m asked to stage; they are all good fun!

It’s important to distinguish the MC’s role as Compare and facilitator of the fund raising activities from that of the organisers. The organisers have the responsibility for providing the MC’s with accurate descriptions of the lots to be auctioned, and instruct the MC’s acting as open cry auctioneer about the value of the items and whether there is a reserve price at which they are to be withdrawn; information announced about the sponsors of the prizes, needs to be agreed and correct.

Fund raising activities are sometimes only a part of a larger function. Eg a business card draw or raffle / grand prize draw etc.

Care needs to be taken with cloakroom ticket raffle draws if the draw has been promoted as having a ‘Star Prize’ or 'Fist Prize' as it is a requirement that participants have an equal chance of winning the 'Star Prise' on each subsequent draw!

To avoid falling fowl of this requirement its best to have the prizes listed generically and let the winners claim the prize of their choice.

 As Toastmaster /MC I will not partake in the collection of money or take responsibility for the delivery of the items or prizes. I advise organisers that they must comply with all relevant Gaming and Lottery legislation ; I will not partake in any activity that attempts to deceive.